Vess R2600ti Diskless

SKU: Vess R2600tiD_Diskless_2GB


Vess R2600ti Diskless
  • High-availability dual controller NAS with 10G options
  • Unified storage that consolidates both block and file storage onto a single box
  • Data service includes volume clone, file backup/restore and volume replication are all available on NAS
  • Excellent blend of affordability and speed
  • Designed to meet the growing challenge of unstructured data
  • Virtualization ready, certified with VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V and DataCore
  • Certified storage solution for Milestone, delivers reliable and stable performance for video recording
  • Hot swappable drive bays and coolings & redundant power supplies
  • User friendly design simplifies maintenance and reduces support costs
  • Easily scale to meet future capacity requirements